Sunday Goosfaba 9/21/08

Watashi wa tsukaremashita…We all are over here at the office.  But I think Trav’s the most tired.  His eyes are red and he’s just really…tired.

On to the Goosfaba.  Our second week of three-service church went pretty well.  We had good crowds for each service, which is great ’cause our regulars are making the effort to come to the earlier services.  Jesse did the announcement video live today.  I felt dumb this morning as I watched him for the first time up on the screen.  I was like “man, that’s really dark…Where’d he film this?  And Juanita was there with him?”  I had no clue it was live until he said it was. xD  Oh me… I didn’t stick around for Travis‘ sermon this morning seeing as all of us with The Cure were busy with preparations for youth service and the actual service.  Despite many technical difficulties, I’d say it went well.  Now the kids know who “Muhammad Ghandi” is. xD  (Ask Alex…)  We premiered a video that was shot earlier in the week and edited by Alex.  I liked it, even if SOME people didn’t…You can see it on YouTube soon.  I’ll provide you with the link when I find it.

Dolphins are winning, last I checked.  I hope this doesn’t mean that I lose to Trav in Fantasy Football…

~ by ritzcrackah on September 21, 2008.

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