Sunday Goosfaba 8/24/08

Not only is this my first post since reaching my 100th post, but it’s also my first Goosfaba as an 18-year old.  Go me! =]

So today Travis was back in town for the first Sunday in three weeks to bring us the first sermon of our new message serious, “Loaded.”  Today’s topic was about money and finances and stuff.  I would love to go more in-depth, but his incredibly yellow hair was distracting me. =P  I think he’s giving Alex competition.  But don’t worry, Alex’s hair will be a completely different color by the end of the week. >=]

Speaking of Wednesday, I start classes at Miami-Dade on Wednesday.  I’m actually excited for that.  Wait…I don’t have my psych class until Thursday.  Crap! D:

So I think we made a pretty good amount of money for the Blood Water Foundation today.  I saw 20s and such in our collection “jar.”  This is awesome.  You guys out there at Life Pointe are some of the most financially reliable people I’ve ever seen!  You give your offerings and tithes, and then moments later out in the lobby you gladly give to our causes.  You guys are amazing!

Speaking of amazing, I met Ela Ortega in person for the first time today.  That’s so cool.  She’s a sooper (spelled wrong on purpose) nice lady with a real servant’s heart.  She isn’t always able to come on Sundays because of health reasons, but she makes up for it in a big way with the church.  Gotta love our Ela. =]

Speaking of (wow…) health problems, Rebecca’s mom went through some rough stuff, so keep her in your prayers.

No Goosfaba next week, I’ll be out of town.  Still listening to this FF5 album.  It’s great.  GO BUY IT!

~ by ritzcrackah on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sunday Goosfaba 8/24/08”

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  3. It was great to FINALLY meet you in person after such a long time, loved seeing mom as well. Have fun at school, I know you will do great. I’ll keep her in my prayers tha’s for sure.

    Mucho amor y bendiciones.

  4. Thanks Ela. =]


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