A Warped Goosfaba

Hello my faithful readers, and welcome to another (late-because-my-computer’s-still-broken) edition of my Sunday Goosfaba.  I’ll get into my Warped Tour details in a bit, just bear with me.

Yesterday was an all-around good Sunday for me.  Got up early in the morning and headed over to the church where Alex later brought his own drumset.  That’s right guys, if you weren’t there, you missed duel drummers.  We got compliments that it was really cool and that it sounded great.  Basically, Alex did all the hard stuff while I kept time for him and hit the crash cymbal.  At the end of our set we did a little hip-hp stuff that the crowd really seemed to like.  Gotta hand it to our musicians.  They is be a talented bunch.  Then came the video…I’ve gotten rave reviews.  “Some of your best acting” says Phil.  “You were the best actor!” raves Ela.  “You sound like Michael Buffer” claim Alex and Travis.  They all agree!  “The Funk In Conflict” is my best performance yet!  But, as you know, I’m very humble…which is why I offered a free autograph to anyone who donated $5 or more at the Cure bake sale.  But enough about me, let’s talk about me.  That mustache really was a bit uncomfortable. O_o  Note to self: wear mustache LOWER next time so that the hairs don’t get in my nose…
On to the actual service.  After the video made its debut in the first service, Travis proceeded to make a little fun of us…Especially Jesse, who looked like Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” books…Nice jacket Jess.  Anyhoo, Travis lead his usual never-boring-because-he’s-an-ADD-pastor-which-is-why-he-can-keep-my-attention sermon.  It was pretty informative and, as always, spiritually awakening.  Whether we try to be or not, some of us ARE “Sunday Christians”.  We ignore God all week long until we get to church on Sunday.  It can get to be a pretty bad habit.  I’m guilty of it as well.  But nonetheless, going to Life Pointe on Sunday mornings is always a much-needed spiritual wake-up, so to speak.  Second service went just as well, except (apparantly a frist-timer) texted in the question “why do you say the ‘b’ word?”, reffering to “booyah!” which is the LPC version of “amen”.  Trav was kind of freaking out.  He said “oh!  ‘Booyah’!  I was already thinking ‘oh crap, what did I say?'”.  Never a dull moment at Life Pointe. =]


Saturday was Warped Tour guys!  For those who aren’t familiar with it, Warped Tour is an annual travelling concert tour composed of many popular rock bands.  They come to Bicentennial Park in Miami every year, but I’ve never gotten to go…Until now.  I went mainly to see As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean, Relient K, and Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster.  We got there a little late, so I missed Relient K, but that’s okay, I’ve seen them before.  Instead, the first band I ended up seeing was Reel Big Fish, a ska-type band who claim to be “Masters of all types of music”.  And they proved it.  They even did a country and western sample, and kids started square-dancing (including some random girl I’d never met before in my life who asked me to dosey-do =O).  But mostly, kids were just circle-pitting during RBF.  Fun fun fun right off the bat.  I crowd-surfed too, but I got dropped. =P  But I cowd surfed many times that day.  I did n’t get dropped except for that one time, so that was good.  I got to get autographs from Relient K and As I Lay Dying, so I now have three more prized album booklets at home. =]  I went a bit early to get a good place for The Devil Wears Prada, but even getting there a half hour before they came on was only good enough to get roughly about the fifth row.  When they came out, the crowd went INSANE.  The MOST insane crowd I’d seen all day.  I actually had to crowd surf just to get out of the crowd.  But it was FUNNNNNN!!!!! x]  Then came As I Lay Dying.  I got there early enough to secure a place in the second row where I could easily hang onto the railing so I wouldn’t lose my place.  AILD was AMAZING.  Most circle and mosh pits of any band I’d seen all day.  The guys of AILD are a very talented bunch, and I got some screaming practice in, seeing as I screamed every word to every song they played.  Yay me. =]  I came away from that show drenched in sweat.  I’ve never worn a shirt that was so soaked in sweat.  I felt like a real rock star (and smelled like one too).  Side story: Family Force 5 (my favorite band personality-wise [AILD is my favorite band musically]) wasn’t playing the Miami date on Warped Tour…They were in Virginia for some kind of Christian Festival.  Boo.  But, much to my surprise, they had a table set up at Warped Tour.  Needless to say, I RAN to that table to see what was up.  Even though they were in VA, they have a Warped Tour intern (whom they’ve had since last year when they played their first Warped Tour…They accurately dubbed him “Intern”) who represents them all tour long, even if they’re not playing that date.  Not one to pass up an FF5-related opportunity, I taook a picture with Intern.  Yay me. =]

The End,

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