Is you afraid?

So while on the LPC computer directly under Jesse’s desk upstairs, we both shared an “interesting” conversation…He posted a bulliten linking to his blog.  It was titled “Are You Afraid?”, and this is what happened.  Check it out:

Ritz: I am afraid…Of that hat you’re wearin’.

Jesse: I am afraid of your face

Ritz: I’m tempted to say “you have a face only Jesus could love”, but I won’t go there. =]

Jesse: You know how I know your gay? You broke up with your girfriend to hang out with Zech.

Ritz: Oh man, this is getting good. xD If it weren’t for the fact that I was listening to Amazing Grace right now, I’d respond, but I’m feeling generous. ;P

Jesse: Generous? you mean FAKE…oh wait you re always fake.Hahahahahahaha. You’re Mom is right, you re a street punk….hahah. jk she didnt say that..I did…she should’ve though. LOL

Ritz: Now you wanna bring my mom into this? Oh, it’s on Cantinflas. xD

Jesse: Bring it on Cinderella. LOL

Ritz: What are you trying to say shorty? LOL

Jesse: Shorty? is that all you got skeletor?

Ritz: Don’t be hatin’ on me just ’cause I got a good metabolism. You’re just mad ’cause you have to work your belly off. LOL

Jesse: hahahahahah. Good one scarecrow…hahaha. JK kidding bro. DOn’t take what i have said personal. don’t want you crying to Yo momma. I don’t care what everyone says about you. You’re aight in my book


Jesse and I have a bit of history making fun of eachother…It’s mostly his fault though. ;P  It doesn’t matter though, it’s all good. 8)


~ by ritzcrackah on July 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Is you afraid?”

  1. LOL. I just noticed I don’t have you linked on my blog page….I should keep it that way. LOL

  2. Fine. I’ll be nice though and link to yours…Well, it’ll SAY “Jesse”, but in reality it’ll link to a picture of Cantinflas. =]

  3. Ok you guys really have way tooooooo much time on your hands…LOL…let’s find you more work to do…OH TRAVIS……..:)

    Cantinflas man I have not heard that in years I’m old.

  4. ritz you hit that right on the mark i kept wondering who jess reminded me of CANTINFLAS LOL JESS DONT I REMIND YOU OF LA INDIA MARIA DONT ANSWER THAT ONLY IF U R UP TO PUTTING ME IN ONE OR YOUR FILMS SOON DUDE

  5. […] Ritz documents his “fight” with […]

  6. Ya’ll are some funny characters lol. You guys really do have to much time on your hands lol.

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